I really dislike February!

Even as a kid, when I really liked winter, I disliked February. After months of cold dark slushy slippery uncomfortable weather that severely limits a person's activities, it's just time for it to move on. Maybe if I lived in a snowbelt where deep clean snow could be counted on for virtually the entire winter it wouldn't be so bad. But living in an area where one day it can be forty degrees and raining and ten degrees and snowing the next just stinks. Even the warm days are almost always too cold or wet to do much outside, certainly not suitable for motorcycling, and of course the cold days have their own issues.
It's been over a month since there was a day with the combination of temperature and dry conditions needed for a ride. Several of those days were above freezing, some even well above freezing, but accompanied by melting snow and rain. Not good conditions to go for a ride, or winter activities such as skiing.
It's just time for winter to move on!
Looking at the long range forecast makes me doubtful that I'll get a ride in this month. I usually ride at least one day each month but sometimes the weather and conditions just don't cooperate in the long dark cold days of winter.
I attended a motorcycle swap meet this past weekend and enjoyed talking with lots of people about riding and about my books. I was pleased that several women bought Grace and Grit after my telling them about the marvelous adventures of women riders of a hundred years ago. I am pleased that my motorcycle touring series continues to be popular. Many people make it a point to stop at my table to tell me that they bought the book or even two or more of the books, and how much they enjoy them. Always happy to hear that. It's nice when work is appreciated.
These swap meets and bike shows are nice breaks in the non-riding season.
Spring is just a month away, so there is a light at the end of this dark cold tunnel. Hang in there!