A Midwinter Booster Shot

Right now the ground is snow covered and the temperature is in the teens. The wind chill is in single digits, though a bright sun makes it look warmer than it really is. Just two days ago the temperature hit 55-degrees and since that day followed several preceding it that were also above freezing, the ground was bare and the roads were ice free.  And that, of course, meant a mid-winter ride!
I put on over 60 very enjoyable and relaxing miles through the barren countryside, enjoying the smiles, thumbs up gestures, and finger pointing that I received from people in cars or along the road. I'm guessing that some of those folks were also riders and envied my good fortune.

A person has to earn a mid-winter ride - you don't simply jump on the bike and ride away like in the warm months. First the cover must be removed, battery trickle charger unhooked, parts that had been removed for storage put back on (seat and backrest in my case), and of course a thorough check of everything from tire pressure to tight bolts.  So time and effort is invested in the venture, which makes it all the more worthwhile and appreciated.

I really look forward to these midwinter booster shots - I feel that if I can get in at least one ride each winter month it goes a long way toward helping the cold season pass by faster and with less withdrawal pain.
I had actually planned to go skiing this past weekend but when Mother Nature threw me a curve ball I hit a home run off her by taking a fun ride instead! Flexibility is the name of the game.

I received the flyer about spring motorcycle swap meets in the mail last week. Kind of like getting the first of the many spring catalogs that come in the mail, with pictures of warm weather activities on the cover. I plan to be a vendor at a couple upcoming meets - probably the one in Cleveland and perhaps in Milwaukee. I enjoy selling books at these venues and being able to talk with hundreds of like-minded folks about motorcycling, travel, exploring, and so on.

I received some great news recently about a proposed article in a national motorcycle enthusiast magazine - my article was accepted and will be printed in the coming year. I'm very appreciative and plan to do more of this type of writing.
The first day of spring is just a bit more than two months away - and I plan to use this time wisely planning my summer road trips and travel adventures!