Spreading The Word

Did another talk / slideshow at a community library earlier this week. About 25 folks showed up to hear me talk about exploring the back roads and discovering the lesser-known attractions of the Great Lakes region. It was a nice mix of motorcycle and automobile tourists, as one of the points I try to make is that it doesn't matter if you're on a bike or in a big RV, the back roads and best kept secrets of our region are available to everyone. Just get off the main roads and remember that the journey is at least as important as the destination; sometimes the journey is what it's all about! It's a lot of fun talking with the people who hang around after the show to talk and compare notes. Selling a few books after each show helps pay the bills.

In every regard it seems that we've become a destination-oriented society. I don't view this as a good thing. We ought to get off the expressway of life and back onto the scenic, friendly, and relaxing back roads - in every manner of speaking.

I will be on the road a lot this summer conducting research in several widely separated parts of the country - all for my next book, which I'm very excited about. Something a bit different than prior efforts.

Weather permitting the first trip is next week - but the weather doesn't look promising. I could take the truck instead of the bike, but what fun would that be?! (not to mention significantly more expensive, given the mpg difference).

I've already had several lengthy phone conversations with folks from libraries and museums across the country. I've noticed over the years that people who work in these two venues are among the friendliest and most helpful workers you'll find anywhere. They seem to really enjoy their jobs and like to help people.

A weekend coming up, which of course means rain and cool temps. That's unfortunate; lots of folks graduating from universities this weekend, not to mention Mothers Day. (and of course the fact that the bike will be parked, instead of ridden).