Bad Weather Curse!!

Byline - Ohio:

I've been planning this trip to Ohio for several weeks, hoping that the weather would cooperate, but it wasn't to be. Cold temps, torrential rains, high winds, even tornadoes in OH, meant either put the trip off for an indefinite period, or drive a 4-wheeler; since flexibility in scheduling wasn't an option, I drove the car. I'm visiting several places in OH as part of my ongoing research into a new book.

First stop was at the American Motorcyclist Association to check out the possibility of archived materials that I could access. Next stop, various museums and libraries for more original source research.

But that's the boring stuff. The enjoyable portion of the trip was a chance to once again enjoy some of Ohio's wonderful back roads! I've spent many years telling anyone who would listen about The Buckeye State's fabulous biking roads. All across the state there are wonderful two-laners that are worthy of a long ride to get to, and most people just don't know this fact because they spend their time on I-80 or I-75, and never see the real Ohio. I went out of my way to ride a few of them today on my way to Columbus, and later to Akron. Riding route 315 along the Olentangy River from Delaware to Columbus is a fun trip next to this scenic winding river that is so much more enjoyable than nearby US-23!

Route 79 north from Newark up to the village of Nellie isn't considered one of the fabled roads of Ohio, but I highly recommend it. The road just keeps getting hillier, curvier, and more scenic the further north one rides. Even fun in a car! Routes 60, 93, or 751 are just a few more of many great roads in this small part of OH northeast of Columbus. And these aren't the legendary ones!

I'm hoping that the research pays off in more trips to this area in the next few weeks - - maybe by then it'll be warm and dry and I won't have to leave the bike in the garage!
I am so ready for good riding weather to finally get here and stay around awhile!

Talking to someone today at one of the places I stopped. In the course of our conversation she learned that I had written a book about the Vietnam War and was a VN vet. She gave me a surprised look, and said: "But you seem quite normal; almost all the Vietnam veterans I've ever met are totally screwed up!"
How the hell do you respond to that? I assured her that there were many more of us around that were basically normal. I later of course kicked myself for not saying something along the lines of since when is it the vets' fault that they were affected by that stinking war?
Semper Fi