Call it What it is - - Whining

It's been two weeks since my last rant / whine / post about the weather and the impact it's having on two-wheeled activity. As can be seen from this picture taken yesterday, things haven't improved much since the below picture of two weeks ago. Unless a person is riding a Ural sidecar rig, 2-wheel drive preferable, they aren't doing much riding yet this winter...er, spring.
But we can still dream and plan.
I see the Washington DC Roaring Thunder event, a ride along the Lincoln Highway to mark its centennial, and attending various events planned along its route, and perhaps a major trip through northern USA and Canada in the Great Lakes region - all are looking like very definite possibilities; if and when the snow melts.
I brought my removable windshield inside last week to scrub all the dead bugs and road crud off of it in the kitchen sink, and brought all my leather items in to thaw out and then treat with leather preservative. Once the garage warms enough all vinyl parts and pieces on the bike, from wire harness protectors to hoses, will be treated with vinyl protector to protect them from another season of sun, salt, and chemicals. Then of course oil and lube & filter change, basic maintenance checklists, a thorough wash and wax, and it's ready to go.
So I'm doing my part - planning, anticipating, imagining, and hoping. Now it's up to the groundhog and Old Man Winter.