On The Road (Yet) Again / OR / The Value of a Bucket List

The EAGLES made Winslow, AZ famous in their 1970's song Take It Easy.
Fans flock to Winslow - on old Route 66 - to take a picture at the corner memorialized in song.

It's been an interesting, enjoyable, and successful road trip thus far. I've blitzed over 2,000 miles in 4 days, but have arrived at my first main destination - Winslow. Very cool! There was a small but steady stream of people, young families in cars and boomers on motorcycles taking pictures & getting their picture taken at a place that in a sense helped define their youth. There were folks there this morning that weren't even born in the mid-70's.
If I had to define this trip with one word it would have to be 'wind'. Amazingly windy from Kansas all the way to the border of the Grand Canyon - - which is where I'm sitting right now. Do the Canyon tour starting very early tomorrow morning!!
It was also Very Hot from Kansas to Flagstaff. Pleasantly cooler here in the higher elevations.

So what's this got to do with a bucket list, you might be asking yourself.  Winslow has been on my list ever since I heard that a mural had been painted in downtown Winslow 12 years ago.  I finally got to go there. The Grand Canyon has been high on my list of must-do things. Tomorrow it will also be realized.
I've had a goal to motorcycle through all 50 states - by the end of this summer I'll have ridden thru 48 (all but AK and Hawaii).  Right now I sit at 46.  Not just a few miles, but extensively ridden through each state.

I'll make it to Alaska later this summer with my family - another lifelong wish achieved. 
I know that very many items on my wish list won't be accomplished, but that's fine.  The idea is to always have lots of dreams and plans and to keep chasing elusive desires.  It makes life so much richer and fun!

The Road King has been a delight to ride. Over 2,000 high speed miles through high heat and strong winds without the slightest hiccup.  I just love the beautiful music it makes as the 96-cid V-Twin smoothly and powerfully carries me along. Its exhaust note at speed really is a thing of beauty!

Well I gotta go - I understand there is going to be a gunfight on the streets of Williams, AZ this evening!