Spring is Coming; I promise.

Spring is coming - in a crawl, but warm weather is inevitable (someday). The weather will change for the better and remaining snow piles will melt.  A few motorcycles can occasionally be seen - riders bundled up against the cool air, dodging the salty puddles that are still common on the streets and highways.
Motorcycle-related events are coming thick and fast. Special events such as open houses at dealers, and swap meets at many locations. (If you've never been to a large swap meet, you should. It's a lot of fun walking down the aisles looking at the many varied displays by dozens of vendors. Need a brake lever for a 1974 Honda Elsinore? You will likely find one at a large swap meet.)
Flint's Vehicle City Harley dealer held their Ladies Garage Night last week, which I attended as a book vendor - lots of fun talking with everyone.
Spent last Sunday in Cleveland at a Giant Motorcycle swap meet selling books. Talked with dozens of riders about the joys of riding in the Great Lakes region.
Next stop is Madison, WI to take part in their Ladies Day event on March 26.
Riding will be very iffy for the next 6 weeks or more, but at least there might be days that will be warm and dry enough to do some local riding. Rode to the dealer a few days ago to get oil and filter - not a ride to brag about, but it was a ride.
The oil has been changed and everything checked - the bike is ready to roll.
So get your spring maintenance done - change the fluids, check your tires and put air in them, take the trickle charger off the battery, check all the lights, and tighten all the bolts. It's nearly time to ride again! With luck a person can even take a long ride - as long as they're heading in a southerly direction! There is recent snow here to melt and temps have to get out of the 30s before anyone does much riding in this neck of the cold and miserable woods! Keep the Faith! Spring will arrive - it always does.