Changing Seasons (Again)

It's late November, time to admit that yet one more riding season has moved from the present to the past. It is frighteningly amazing how quickly the years fly by, especially when measured at least in part by the short motorcycling season that we get to enjoy in the northern U.S. of A. Every group of enthusiasts of course has similar measuring yardsticks. Some use the golfing season, some use the time period when boating or sailing are possibilities, others, such as skiers or ice fishermen, use cold weather chunks of time to measure the passing of years. And of course professions, such as teachers and others connected with schools and universities, have altogether other ways of measuring years.
It's been an amazing year for me. I made several lengthy trips, including travelling coast to coast on the bike, doing research at various libraries and museums for my next book. I met several wonderful people whose help was invaluable, and saw much more of the country from the open air perspective of my bike. Actually feeling and sensing the world around you without the interference of walls of steel and glass really does provide a completely different way of seeing and appreciating the country and its people, places, and history.
The next book is going to be something very different than past efforts. It's set a century ago when horses on America's roads far outnumbers cars and motorcycles. It was a time like no other, one we'll never see again, and it would have been quite amazing to have lived through the early part of the 20th century. Of course there were many down sides as well - all in all a wild mix of new and old, and good and bad.
Packing up boxes of books and displays today for the big motorcycle swap meet in Novi, MI tomorrow, Nov. 21st. Hope I come back with empty boxes!
I think it's finally time to put Sta-Bil in my bike's gas tank for the last time and hook up the trickle charger. I will also cover every metal part with a good coat of wax and put the baby to bed. There will be the occasional warm and dry day in the winter months when I will take a spin down local roads, but for the most part it'll be parked until after the vernal equinox.
Very sad.
But by then it'll be the dawn of another year that for sure will be filled with new promise and exciting times! 2011 promises to be a very good year.