On The Road Again

As Willie said; I can't wait to be on the road again!
End of day 2 - spending the night in the Finger Lakes region of New York, heading east with the rising sun tomorrow morning.
Saw tons of motorcycles in the stretch of route 2 & 6 between Toledo and Cleveland, OH, and then realized it was the last day of the big Ohio Bike Week event. Spent time in Erie PA and Buffalo today, poring over century old newspapers and microfilm, looking for information for the next book. More of the same in various museums and libraries in the next couple of days - including a stop at the Indian Motorcycle museum in Springfield, MA - going to be great fun!
Taking the old roads all the way - in fact, for the most part the same alignments that adventurers would have followed a hundred years ago, only then they were dirt roads at best, muddy or sandy trails at worst. But to a fair degree I'm seeing some of the same things they saw as they shared these old roads with horses and buggies, on the Indians and Harleys of that era, and going through the same small towns. Some of the buildings are exactly as they would have looked a century ago.
Route 5 between Erie and Buffalo is a nice ride, but most folks never enjoy the scenery and the frequent Lake Erie vistas along that stretch because they are on the nearby expressway. There must be as many acres of vineyards in this area as there are in Marin County California!
Route 20 is the old road from Albany to Buffalo - it closely parallels the Erie Canal across the state and has been the path followed by countless travellers for centuries. Talk about a historic road!
Been in and out of a lot of rain these past 2 days but tomorrow promises to be sunny and warm - a great day to cross the beautiful state of New York and get into the even more beautiful Berkshires! Looking forward with special excitement to ride the stretch called Jacob's Ladder - the same exact route through the mountains that some bikers that I feel I know very well took 94 years ago.