Random Thoughts in the rain

Headed out this morning to a ride that was to start at 10:00. Had gone two miles when it started to rain, and it rained the rest of the way to the gathering point. The ride was cancelled. Had to ride through a muddy construction zone on the way back and got the bike filthy - spent an hour washing it.
But I had a little more time to think on the bike while riding home.
I've often wondered what kind of motorcycle certain historic figures would have ridden had bikes been in existence in their days. You KNOW that many of the famous and infamous characters of the past would have been enthusiastic riders, while some wouldn't have ridden. (For instance, I don't think that Washington, Adams, or Jefferson would have been riders, though Paine, Knox, G.R. Clark (and William), and Paul Revere would have.) Robin Hood, Isaac Newton, and Da Vinci most definitely would have ridden!
Got me thinking - what would the apostles have ridden (at least those that would have been riders)? My conclusion:
Matthew would have ridden one of the early large Harley touring bikes - a bike that had a presence, as well as comfort. He had been used to at least a somewhat comfortable lifestyle, after all.
Thomas would have ridden an Indian - he wasn't going to take any chances with an unknown - something known and proven for him.
Peter - a Triumph. The name would have been just too much for him to resist.
Judas Iscariot - a Pope - rare and the center of attention.
John - a Matchless; something light, dependable, and dirt worthy for all the long distance overland traveling that came with the job.
Andrew a BSA, to be different.
Matthias, a Henderson - the new guy needed to prove his worth and Hendersons screamed style and prestige.
The others, except Saul / Paul, would have ridden a variety of British bikes for their practicality and usefulness off road.
Paul - most definitely a Vincent Black Lightning. He wanted to make a presence and those who objected be damned - he was going to challenge everyone in an in-your-face manner and let the chips fall as they may. A guy like that needs a bike of substance and strong personality.
My last biblical thought was - I wonder when archaeologists are going to locate Paul's missing book of letters - letters to motorcyclists. After the Thessalonians I'm sure he figured that it was time to bring Bikers into the tent, and I'm sure that there must be a book of Letters to Bikers in a cave in the Middle Eastern desert somewhere just waiting to be rediscovered. What fascinating reading they will be!
Ride On.