Frozen in Time

It's been five weeks since my last post and nothing has changed; nothing! We are still stuck in a frozen wasteland of ice and snow with no real relief in sight. (The weather guys, whom I don't trust at all, are saying it will get above freezing next week. Sorry, 35-degrees doesn't cut it!)

It has now been one hundred and three days since a wheel has turned on the XL1200C, and unless I fit it with skis it ain't going anywhere any time soon!

At least some people are starting to think about warm days in the distant future. Off to the Fort Wayne, IN area next Sunday to talk at a motorcycle safety gathering, and hopefully sell a few books, and three weeks from now at the always enjoyable open house at Grand Rapids BMW. Several more events coming up in April and May, so perhaps the end of this never-ending winter is just over the horizon.

Enjoyable meeting today with a rep from the national Honda Valkyrie organization. They're bringing their national rally to Michigan this summer and we want to show the attendees what a wonderful motorcycle destination Michigan is with its unique attractions, beautiful countryside, and enjoyable roads. Hundreds of folks having a good time in northern Michigan and spending money at local businesses in the process; it's all good. Maybe, just maybe, the snow will have melted by July!

Speaking of snow, I must go shovel the driveway. When I'm done I will take the cover off Sporty, wipe the dust off, and pretend and imagine.......