Global Warming Ain't All Bad

I think I like this global warming thing! Here it is November 14th and the thermometer was well into the 60s, there was nary a cloud in the sky, the sun was warm and the breezes gentle. Contrast that with the norm for this date: dark scuttling clouds down on the deck, a mixture of snow, sleet and drizzle falling for days on end, no evidence that the sun even exists, and of course temps in the 30s or 40s at best with a stiff breeze to send any but the most hardy inside to channel surf for a football game that interests them.
This time of year folks who venture outdoors are more commonly wondering if there will be tracking snow for deer hunting, not where to go on a motorcycle ride!
But today was delightfully different and the situation just screamed 'motorcycle ride'! When handed a marvelous gift such as a warm sunny day in mid-November, one don't question why or how - a sensible person just takes advantage of the generous offer. The only question was where; the 'if' part was settled without any mental argumentation. Sometimes in late fall common sense arguments can prevail when the temperature is marginal and conditions just aren't very promising for an enjoyable ride, no matter how strong the urge to get out might be.
No mental machinations today! Instead I put on more than 125 miles on curvy blacktop where I saw more fellow motorcyclists than cars. Once the fall colors disappear - and as nice as today was the trees were bare and the landscape very November-looking - the traffic on my favorite back roads becomes more sparse, making them more enjoyable for two-wheeling. With the majority of agricultural harvesting now completed, there are also fewer tractors and grain trucks on the back roads this late in the year.
It was a fun afternoon. Perhaps I can help insure more of this weather if we were to trade in our two fuel-sipping vehicles for a couple of Hummers. You just never know when you might need that extra carrying and towing capabilities!
Life is more fun on two wheels.