The Whims & Vagaries of Mother Nature

Bikers have to be tough, resilient and determined because Mother Nature constantly throws her best punches at us. We can either surrender and find a place to retreat from her wrath, or we can shake our fist at her (maybe even raise a finger) and ride on regardless.

A tornado touched down about two miles away when the above picture was taken in Wisconsin. (While taking refuge under a gas station awning. All the power in the area had been knocked out and it was as dark as night, though it was mid-afternoon)

It was below freezing on the Cherohala Scenic Skyway at about 5,000 feet elevation near the NC / TN border when this picture was taken....

....and at least 100 degrees when this photo was taken not far from Baton Rouge.

It doesn't take long for the memories of discomfort to fade away, leaving behind only the lasting impressions of adventure and enjoyment. That's why we do it.
Anybody who participates in any outdoor activity knows this fundamental truth.