Motorcyclists and Books

Bikers try to soak up as much information about their sport as they possibly can. It seems to me that there are two reasons behind this - first, simply because we love the activity so much. It is why many enthusiasts subscribe to two or three motorcycle magazines and voraciously read through each of them as soon as they arrive in the mail. This also helps explain why bikers enjoy hanging around motorcycle dealers and independent repair shops; just to talk, observe, and to be around men and women of similar interests. Reading and talking about our sport allows one to immerse him or herself even more deeply into the activity, basking in the ambiance.
But we enjoy reading books and magazines about motorcycling for another very different reason - acquiring knowledge. There are a wide variety of books on the subject of motorcycling, ranging from increasing ones riding skills, philosophical discourses, adventure stories based on motorcycle travels, and books about touring certain geographic areas. It seems that all of the types of books that concern the sport of motorcycling are expanding in number. Simply check the book listings in catalogs for motorcycle accessory companies such as Whitehorse or RiderWearhouse to see several pages of offerings - but what is in reality a small part of the total.
After riding for over thirty years I joined the motorcycle author family, and the five years since that leap into the unknown have been a real treat. Something that I never dreamed of as a possibility a decade ago has become a huge part of my life; writing books about motorcycling.
I must say that the best part has been the interaction with bikers at events such as today; I spent the day at Shiawassee Harley-Davidson in Birch Run, Michigan, signing books for purchasers, and talking with many dozens of fellow riders, young and old, men and women, sport and touring riders, about the broad topic of riding motorcycles. It was great, as it always is at all of these events.
For everyone who has purchased one of my "Motorcycling Across ........" books I say thank you, and to everyone who ventures forth to explore the world around us on two wheels Be Safe and Enjoy Life's Ride!