Why do this?

Motorcycles have been my ticket to adventure, freedom,and exploration of America for nearly 40 years! I couldn't imagine life without the excitement and fun they have provided me. But for motorcycles my life would have been much less interesting and my knowledge and appreciation of America, and her people and marvelous places, much less complete.
So now I begin to chronicle past and future adventures.
I have a bit of experience in this regard. After traveling the back roads, small towns, and unique places of the marvelous Great Lakes region I have written four motorcycle travel books - for Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and most recently Wisconsin.
These books chronicle decades worth of exploring the out-of-the-way places and the country roads that some folks eschew in favor of four straight and unimpeded lanes that deliver one to his or her destination swiftly and effortlessly.
But that's not for me! New roads are efficient; old roads are fun. Modern highways have high tech qualities, old roads have soul and sex appeal. One is practical and predictable, the other is fun and filled with adventure and surprises. I prefer the latter, as you will see if you follow my posts.
Let's go riding!